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Meet our Executive Leaders and Senior Cybersecurity Researchers from across the Orange Group, over wine & canapés.

Join to find out the latest insights and security strategies from our expert team and learn how the Orange business units are working together to be at the forefront of cybersecurity, leveraging the power of advanced threat intelligence and research.

Orange is pleased to invite you to our
2020 RSA
Networking Evening!

26th February


Orange Cyberdefense offers global protection with local expertise:

Orange Cyberdefense is Europe’s leading managed security, threat detection and threat intelligence services provider. We help customers anticipate threats, identify risks, protect their IT assets, detect breaches and respond to security incidents. With a 25+ years track record in information security, 250+ researchers & analysts and 16 SOCs distributed across the world, we can offer a global protection with local expertise.

Orange Silicon Valley has a unique understanding of the US market, developed through 20 years in the Silicon Valley, observing, analyzing, and anticipating the trends. We help Orange and our customers capitalize on the transition to a digital economy.
Our experts from across industries and technologies, are engaged, passionate and forward-thinking. They thrive by connecting ecosystems and making innovation and technology visible, accessible and actionable, giving everyone the key to a responsible digital world. Orange Silicon Valley is headquartered in San Francisco with a regional office in New York.  

At 6pm there will be a brief talk on "Why understanding your security posture matters?" by Charl van der Walt (20 mins)

I believe we as IT and security practitioners and leaders find ourselves in the of a very important struggle that is impacting the way the world works and threatening many of the freedoms we have come to cherish. I would like to talk to you - not about how good or bad our cybersecurity posture is - but why it matters, and why we as professionals in this space need to be taking the question more seriously than ever before.

We all understand that risk is a function of both likelihood and impact. Generally when we think about our security posture as an industry we're thinking about likelihood  - how probable is it that our security will fail and bad things will happen will happen to the businesses we protect. This is of course a valid and important perspective, but it allows us at times to ignore the other dimension of risk - the potential impact when something bad happens. When assessing risk we have to recognize that when the potential impact is high enough - when the potential for harm or damage is so severe - even the slightest possibility of an event occurring cannot be tolerated.

So I want to talk about that second element of the risk: what it could mean for us if we fail to fulfill our mandate of ensuring a safe and secure online environment for governments, businesses  and people to do business in.

Who will you meet in the evening?

Laurent Celerier - Head of Technology, Orange Cyberdefense 

Mathias Bachsleitner - VP Alliances, Orange Cyberdefense 

Charl van der Walt - Head of 
Security Research, Orange Cyberdefense