Signals in the Noise:

A Cybersecurity Data Odyssey

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Most of us are familiar with the story of Achilles, the heroic Greek warrior that survived many great battles during the Trojan War. Legend has it that Achilles gained the power of invincibility as a baby after his mother dipped him in the River Styx held only by his heel.

This, ultimately, proved his undoing as it was in that same heel that he was fatally shot with a poisoned arrow. This popular Greek myth provides a useful analogy in the context of enterprise security, as even the greatest security systems and procedures can have their Achilles moment in light of seemingly remote vulnerabilities.

Over the course of this report, we’ll share with you our methods, findings and learnings. We hope this will help you to look at your IT estate in a different way, anticipating the threats that others ignore. 

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Key topics:

- The Price Of A Patchwork Approach To Mobile Security
- The Limits Of Threat Intelligence
- Cracking The Password Code 
- Putting Hackers To The Test 
- Conclusion